Our story

Aria Clare, the creative spirit behind the eponymous jewelry brand, embarked on her journey in the bustling artisan quarters of Florence, Italy. Inspired by the city's rich history in art and craftsmanship, Aria, who had always been fascinated by the delicate interplay of light and metal, found her calling in jewelry design.

After studying gemology and metalworking techniques under renowned Italian masters, Aria began experimenting with unique designs that blended traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics. Her initial creations, primarily intricate bracelets designed for women, captivated local clientele with their elegance and innovative use of space and form.

In 2015, Aria decided to take a bold step and launched her own brand, "Aria Clare." Her signature collection featured bracelets that were not only accessories but statements of style and individuality. Each piece was crafted to enhance the wearer's natural grace, incorporating elements like ethereal chains, hammered metals, and embedded stones that seemed to capture the essence of both light and shadow.

Aria's designs quickly gained popularity, heralded for their fluidity and organic feel. Her commitment to quality and her eye for detail led to collaborations with fashion designers, appearances in high-profile fashion shows, and a growing international customer base.

Today, "Aria Clare" is synonymous with luxury and innovation in jewelry design. The brand has expanded to include necklaces, earrings, and rings, but its core philosophy remains the same: to provide women with pieces that are not just worn, but experienced. Each bracelet in the "Aria Clare" collection tells a story of beauty, empowerment, and the timeless art of jewelry making.